Videos of Services

You are warmly invited to join us in person at St. Paul’s Church but if that’s not possible for whatever reason you can watch our services live on our YouTube channel every Sunday at 10am. 

Livestreamed Services

Holy Communion 16th January

Holy Communion, 9th January

All Age, 2nd January

Christmas Day, 25th December

Christingle, 24th December

Nativity Service, 19th December

A Time Travelling Christmas Assembly

Carols by Candelight, 12th Dec

Holy Communion, 12th December

Morning Worship, 5th December

Holy Communion, 28th November

All Age, 21st November

Remembrance Sunday HC, 14th November

Morning Worship, 7th November

Morning Worship, 31st October

Holy Communion, 24th October

All Age (Harvest) 17th October

Holy Communion, 10th October

Morning Worship, 3rd October

Holy Communion, 26th September

All Age, 19th September

Holy Communion, 12th September

Morning Worship, 5th September

Morning Worship, 29th August

Holy Communion, 22nd August

All Age, 15th August

Holy Communion, 8th August

Morning Worship, 1st August

Holy Communion, 25th July (First live singing allowed!)

All Age, 18th July

Holy Communion, 40th Anniversary, 11th July

Morning Worship, 4th July

Holy Communion, 27th June

Assembly – Don’t Worry, 24th June

All Age, 20th June

Holy Communion 13th June (NOT LIVESTREAMED)

Morning Worship, 6th June

Morning Worship, 30th May

Holy Communion, 23rd May

All Age, 16th May

Assembly – Church is Brilliant, 11th May

Holy Communion, 9th May

Morning Worship, 2nd May

All Age, St George’s Day, 25th April

Holy Communion, 18th April

Holy Communion, 11th April

Easter Day, All Age Communion, 4th April

Good Friday – Stations of the Cross, 2nd April

Maundy Thursday, Holy Communion, 1st April

Easter Assembly 2021

Palm Sunday, Holy Communion, 28th March

Holy Communion, 21st March

Mothering Sunday, All Age, 14th March

Morning Worship 7th Mar

Holy Communion, 28th Feb

All Age, 21st Feb

Holy Communion, 14th Feb

Morning Worship, 7th Feb

Morning Worship, 31st Jan

Assembly – Finding Happiness, 27th Jan

Holy Communion, 24th Jan

All Age, 17th Jan

Holy Communion, 10th Jan

Morning Worship, 3rd Jan

Holy Communion, 27th Dec

Christmas Day, 25th Dec, All Age (pre-recorded)

Christmas Eve (Midnight) 24th Dec

Christingle Service, 24th Dec, 4pm (pre-recorded)

Nativity Service, 20th Dec

Holy Communion, 13th Dec

Morning Worship, 6th Dec 20

Morning Worship, 29 Nov 20

School Assembly 3: Saving Christmas (pre-recorded)

Morning Worship, 22 Nov 20

Morning Worship, 15 Nov 20

Act of Remembrance, 8 Nov 20

Remembrance Sunday, 8 Nov 20

Morning Worship, 1 Nov 20

Holy Communion, 25 Oct 20

All Age, 18 Oct 20

Holy Communion, 11 Oct 20

Morning Worship, 4 Oct 20, followed by APCM

Pre-Recorded Services

School Assembly 2: Harvest

Morning Worship, 27 Sep 20

All Age, 20 Sep 20

Morning Worship, 13 Sep 20

School Assembly 1: What is the most important thing in your life?

Morning Worship, 6 Sep 20

All Age, 30 Aug 20

Morning Worship, 23 Aug 20

Morning Worship, 16 Aug 20

Morning Worship, 9 Aug 20

Morning Worship, 2 Aug 20

All Age, 26 Jul 20

Morning Worship, 19 Jul 20

Morning Worship, 12 Jul 20

Morning Worship, 5 Jul 20

Morning Worship, 28 Jun 20

All Age, 21 Jun 20

Morning Worship, 14 Jun 20

Morning Worship, 7 Jun 20

All Age, 31 May 20

Morning Worship, 24 May 20

All Age, 17 May 20

Family Treasure hunt 7: Moses and the Red Sea

Morning Worship, 10 May 20

Family Treasure Hunt 6: Joseph & the Lockdown

Morning Worship, 3 May 20

Family Treasure Hunt 5: Noah’s Lifeboat

Morning Worship, 26 Apr 20

Family Treasure Hunt 4: The Pharisee & the Tax Collector

Morning Worship, 19 Apr 20

Family Treasure Hunt 3: Jesus really is alive

Easter Day, 12 Apr 20

Family Treasure Hunt 2: Easter Story

Good Friday, 10 Apr 20

Palm Sunday, 5 Apr 20

Family Treasure Hunt 1: The Hidden Treasure & the Pearl

Morning Worship, 29 Mar 20

Morning Worship, 22 Mar 20

All Age, Sermon, 15 Mar 20