Videos of Services

You are warmly invited to join us in person at St. Paul’s Church but if that’s not possible for whatever reason you can watch our services live on our YouTube channel every Sunday at 10am. 

Livestreamed Services

Holy Communion 23rd Jul 23 – (It wasn’t meant to be this way)

All Age Service 16th Jul 23 – (Paul gets attacked and speaks to the Sanhedrin)

Holy Communion 9th Jul 23 – (Paul speaks to the crowd)

Morning Worship 2nd Jul 23 – (Above and beyond the call of duty)

Holy Communion 25th Jun 23 – (Are you willing to do hard things for Jesus?)

All Age Service 18th Jun 23 – (Paul’s farewell to the Ephesians)

Holy Communion 11th Jun 23 – (The Christian life)

Morning Worship 4th Jun 23 – (Trinity Sunday)

Holy Communion 28th May 23 – (Pentecost Sunday)

All Age Service 21st May 23 – (The missing puzzle piece)

Holy Communion 14th May 23 – (Paul’s transformation)

Morning Worship | Coronation Sunday 7th May 23 – (Praying for King Charles and others)

Holy Communion 30th Apr 23 – (Peter addresses the crowd)

All Age Service | St George’s Day 23th Apr 23 – (The gift of the Holy Spirit)

Holy Communion 16th Apr 23 – (Looking forwards)

Easter Sunday All Age Holy Communion Service 9th Apr 23 – (The peace Jesus’ resurrection brings)

Good Friday Service | Holy Communion 7th Apr 23

Morning Worship | Palm Sunday 2nd Apr 23 – (Jesus’ love for us)

Holy Communion 26th Mar 23 – (Fasting)

All Age Service | Mothering Sunday 19th Mar 23 – (Jesus the Saviour)

Holy Communion 12th Mar 23 – (The calling of Matthew)

Morning Worship 5th Mar 23 – (Jesus heals a paralyzed man)

Holy Communion 26th Feb 23 – (Jesus’ Authority)

Ash Wednesday Service 22nd Feb 23

All Age Service 19th Feb 23 – (Founder’s Day)

Holy Communion 12th Feb 23 – (Marriage Sunday)

Morning Worship 5th Feb 23 – (A demonstration of Jesus’ healing)

Holy Communion 29th Jan 23 – (The presentation of Christ)

All Age Unity Service 22nd Jan 23

Morning Worship 15th Jan 23 – (Follow the Lamb)

Holy Communion 8th Jan 23 – (Epiphany – A Prayer for the King)

Morning Worship 1st Jan 23 – (New Year’s Day – Rev Peter Homden)

All Age Christmas Day Service | Holy Communion 25th Dec 22 – (Christmas Day)

All Age Christingle Service 24th Dec 22 – (Fifth Sunday of Advent – Rev Peter Homden)

All Age Nativity Service 18th Dec 22 – (Fourth Sunday of Advent – Natalie Williams and Steve Allen)

Carols by Candlelight 11th Dec 22 – (Carol Service – Rev Peter Homden)

Holy Communion 11th Dec 22 – (Third Sunday of Advent: John the Baptist – Rev Peter Homden)

Morning Worship 4th Dec 22 – (Second Sunday of Advent – Rev Peter Homden)

Holy Communion 27th Nov 22 – (God’s Amazing Plan – The Kingdom of God)

All Age 20th Nov 22 – (God’s Amazing Plan – Disappointment)

Remembrance Sunday | Holy Communion 13th Nov 22 – (Rev Peter Homden)

Morning Worship 6th Nov 22 – (God’s Amazing Plan – Ezekiel)

Morning Worship 30th Oct 22 – (Suffering)

Holy Communion Bible Sunday 23rd Oct 22 – (Rev Peter Homden)

All Age 16th Oct 22 – (Alan Fryer)

Holy Communion 9th Oct 22 Stewardship – (Rev Peter Homden)

Morning Worship 2nd Oct 22 – (Alan Fryer)

All Age Harvest 25th Sept 22 -(Rev Peter Homden)

Holy Communion Commemoration of the Late Queen – 18th Sept 22 – (Rev Paul Renyard)

Morning Worship followed by baptisms outside 11th Sept 22 – (God’s Amazing Plan – the Prophets)

Holy Communion 4th Sept 22 – (Rev. Peter Homden)

Holy Communion 28th Aug 22 – (Rev. Peter Homden)

All Age, 21st Aug – (Alan Fryer)

Holy Communion, 14th Aug – (Rev. Peter Homden)

Morning Worship, 7th Aug – (God’s Amazing Plan – Kingdom of God)

Morning Worship, 31st July – (God’s Amazing Plan – Kings)

Holy Communion 24th July – (God’s Amazing Plan – Judges)

All Age, 17th July – (God’s Amazing Plan – the Promised Land)

Holy Communion, 10th July 22 – (God’s Amazing Plan – on the way to the Promised Land)

Morning Worship, 3rd July 22 – (God’s Amazing Plan – Tabernacle)

Holy Communion, 26th Jun 22 – (God’s Amazing Plan – Ten Commandments)

Morning Worship, 19th Jun 22 – (God’s Amazing Plan – Exodus)

Holy Communion, 12th Jun 22 – (God’s Amazing Plan – The Covenants)

Joint Jubilee Service 5th Jun 22 – (Beacon Church)

Morning Worship, 29th May 22 – (Why Does God Allow Suffering?, Steve Allen)

Holy Communion, 22nd May 22 – (God’s Amazing Plan, The Fall)

All Age, 15th May 22 – (God’s Amazing Plan, The KIngdom of God)

Holy Communion, 8th May 22 – (Build Wisely)

Morning Worship, 1st May 22 – (Live Carefully)

St George’s Day, All Age, 24th April 22 – (The Most Uplifting News – Alan Fryer)

Easter Day All Age Holy Communion, 17th April 22 – (The Most Wonderful News)

Good Friday Sermon, 15th April – (Pierced for our Transgression)

Palm Sunday Holy Communion 10th April 22 – (Celebration and Tears)

Morning Worship, 3rd April 22 (recorded) – (Enter by the Narrow Gate)

Mothering Sunday Holy Communion, 27th March 22 (recorded) – (Ask the Father Who Gives Good Gifts – Steve Allen)

All Age, 20th March 22 – (Do Not Make Merciless Hypocritical Self-righteous Judgements)

Holy Communion, 13th March 22 – (What are you Living For? Pt 2)

Morning Worship, 6th March 22 – (What Are You Living For? Pt1)

Holy Communion 27th February 22 – (The Transfiguration – Reg Baldock)

All Age, 20th February 22 – (The Disciples’ Prayer)

Holy Communion, 13th February 22 – (Avoiding Hypocrisy)

Morning Worship, 6th February 22 – (Love Your Enemies)

Morning Worship 30th January 22 – (The Beautiful Story Video)

Finding Hope in the Storm Assembly

Unity Service 23rd January 22 – (The King’s Mission – Vicky, Beacon church))

Holy Communion 16th January 22 – (The King Reveals His Glory)

Holy Communion, 9th January 22 – (The King is Declared)

All Age, 2nd January 22 – (Meet the King – Paul Fryer)

Christmas Day, 25th December – (A KIng Who Gives Great Joy)

Christingle, 24th December – (A King to Rejoice in)

Nativity Service, 19th December – (The King Who is God)

A Time Travelling Christmas Assembly

Carols by Candelight, 12th Dec – (The King We Need)

Holy Communion, 12th December – (Get Ready for the Coming King Pt2)

Morning Worship, 5th December – (Get Ready for the Coming King Pt1)

Holy Communion, 28th November – (At the Heart of Christmas)

All Age, 21st November – (The Church Exists to Make Disciples and Show Mercy)

Remembrance Sunday HC, 14th November Monterusciello – (Let us Hold Unswervingly to the Hope We Profess)

Morning Worship, 7th November – (The Church Exists to Nurture Believers)

Morning Worship, 31st October – (The Church, God’s Masterpiece)

Holy Communion, 24th October – (The Temple of God)

All Age (Harvest) 17th October – (God’s Flock)

Holy Communion, 10th October – (The Body of Christ)

Morning Worship, 3rd October – (Real Lives Mission Weekend)

Holy Communion, 26th September – (God Loves a Cheerful Giver)

All Age, 19th September – (The Family of God)

Holy Communion, 12th September – (The People of God)

Morning Worship, 5th September – (What is the Church)

Morning Worship, 29th August – (We Have Hope of Life Beyond the Grave)

Holy Communion, 22nd August – (We Have Hope Because of God’s Unfailing Love and Protection – Reg Baldock)

All Age, 15th August – (We Have Hope Because God is the King of All the Earth – Alan Fryer)

Holy Communion, 8th August – (We Have Hope because the Lord Almighty is With Us)

Morning Worship, 1st August – (We Have Hope because WE have a Wonderful King)

Holy Communion, 25th July (First live singing allowed!) – (Right Living: Tell the Truth and Forego Your Rights)

All Age, 18th July – (Right Living: Love Your Enemies)

Holy Communion, 40th Anniversary, 11th July – (Archdeacon Antony Macro-Wood)

Morning Worship, 4th July – (Right Living: Killing Sin)

Holy Communion, 27th June – (Right Living: Anger and Reconciliation)

Assembly – Don’t Worry, 24th June

All Age, 20th June – (What are We to make of the Old Testament Now?)

Holy Communion 13th June (NOT LIVESTREAMED) – (You Are God’s Gift to the World)

Morning Worship, 6th June – (Count the cost)

Morning Worship, 30th May – (Blessed are the Persecuted)

Holy Communion, 23rd May – (Blessed are the Peacemakers)

All Age, 16th May – (Blessed are the Pure in Heart)

Assembly – Church is Brilliant, 11th May

Holy Communion, 9th May – (Blessed are the Merciful)

Morning Worship, 2nd May – (Blessed are Those Who Hunger and Thirst for Righteousness)

All Age, St George’s Day, 25th April – (Blessed are the Meek)

Holy Communion, 18th April – (Blessed are the Poor in Spirit Who Mourn)

Holy Communion, 11th April – (The King Who Transforms Lives)

Easter Day, All Age Communion, 4th April – (The Resurrection)

Good Friday – Stations of the Cross, 2nd April

Maundy Thursday, Holy Communion, 1st April

Easter Assembly 2021

Palm Sunday, Holy Communion, 28th March – (The Crucifixion)

Holy Communion, 21st March – (Lamentations: Pt3)

Mothering Sunday, All Age, 14th March – (The King Who Gives Light)

Morning Worship 7th Mar – (Lamentations: Pt2)

Holy Communion, 28th Feb – (The King Resists Temptation)

All Age, 21st Feb – (Pee-Wee the Puppet)

Holy Communion, 14th Feb – (Forgiveness in Marriage)

Morning Worship, 7th Feb – (The Righteous King)

Morning Worship, 31st Jan – (The King’s Forerunner)

Assembly – Finding Happiness, 27th Jan

Holy Communion, 24th Jan – (The King God Promised)

All Age, 17th Jan – (The King Who is Worthy of Our Worship)

Holy Communion, 10th Jan – (The King We need)

Morning Worship, 3rd Jan – (The King With the Right Credentials)

Holy Communion, 27th Dec – (Revd Reg Baldock)

Christmas Day, 25th Dec, All Age (pre-recorded)

Christmas Eve (Midnight) 24th Dec

Christingle Service, 24th Dec, 4pm (pre-recorded)

Nativity Service, 20th Dec – (Jesus is the King)

Holy Communion, 13th Dec – (God Promises Everlasting Joy)

Morning Worship, 6th Dec 20 – (God Tends His Flock Like a Shepherd)

Morning Worship, 29 Nov 20 – (God has and will Come To Save Us)

School Assembly 3: Saving Christmas (pre-recorded)

Morning Worship, 22 Nov 20 – (The Lord Will Rescue Me)

Morning Worship, 15 Nov 20 – (Christ is Risen From the Dead)

Act of Remembrance, 8 Nov 20

Remembrance Sunday, 8 Nov 20 – (Jesus has Defeated Sin and Death)

Morning Worship, 1 Nov 20 – (Revd Reg Baldock)

Holy Communion, 25 Oct 20 – (Bible Sunday)

All Age, 18 Oct 20 – (Are You a Thessalonian or a Berean?)

Holy Communion, 11 Oct 20 – (The Gospel Cannot be Bound)

Morning Worship, 4 Oct 20, followed by APCM – (Led To Faith)

Pre-Recorded Services

School Assembly 2: Harvest

Morning Worship, 27 Sep 20 – (How to Strengthen the Church)

All Age, 20 Sep 20 – (The God Who Made the World and Everything in it)

Morning Worship, 13 Sep 20 – (Grace Alone?)

School Assembly 1: What is the most important thing in your life?

Morning Worship, 6 Sep 20 – (The Lord of Steadfast Love)

All Age, 30 Aug 20 – (Back to School with God)

Morning Worship, 23 Aug 20 – (The Lord of Salvation)

Morning Worship, 16 Aug 20 – (The Lord of Provision)

Morning Worship, 9 Aug 20 – (The Lord of Compassion)

Morning Worship, 2 Aug 20 – (The Priority of Teaching)

All Age, 26 Jul 20 – (Now that’s Commitment!: Pt2))

Morning Worship, 19 Jul 20 – (Now that’s Commitment!: Pt1)

Morning Worship, 12 Jul 20 – (God’s Word + God’s Spirit = a Growing Church)

Morning Worship, 5 Jul 20 – (Prayer and the Power of God)

Morning Worship, 28 Jun 20 – (How to Grow a Church)

All Age, 21 Jun 20 – (The Gospel is for All People)

Morning Worship, 14 Jun 20 – (How can we cope with Anxiety? – video)

Morning Worship, 7 Jun 20 – (God and COVID 19: Does God Care? – video)

All Age, 31 May 20 – (How to have an Effective Ministry)

Morning Worship, 24 May 20 – (The Church’s most Surprising Convert)

All Age, 17 May 20 – (Possibly the Church’s First African Believer)

Family Treasure hunt 7: Moses and the Red Sea

Morning Worship, 10 May 20 – (The Church Grows Through Persecution)

Family Treasure Hunt 6: Joseph & the Lockdown

Morning Worship, 3 May 20 – (The Church’s First Martyr)

Family Treasure Hunt 5: Noah’s Lifeboat

Morning Worship, 26 Apr 20 – (Follow the Risen King)

Family Treasure Hunt 4: The Pharisee & the Tax Collector

Morning Worship, 19 Apr 20 – (Believe in the Risen King)

Family Treasure Hunt 3: Jesus really is alive

Easter Day, 12 Apr 20 – (Worship the Risen King)

Family Treasure Hunt 2: Easter Story

Good Friday, 10 Apr 20 – (Bold I Approach)

Palm Sunday, 5 Apr 20 – (The KIng Has Come)

Family Treasure Hunt 1: The Hidden Treasure & the Pearl

Morning Worship, 29 Mar 20 – (Lord, Teach Us to Pray – 3)

Morning Worship, 22 Mar 20 – (Lord, Teach Us to Pray – 2)

All Age, Sermon, 15 Mar 20– (Lord, Teach Us to Pray – 1)