Weddings, Baptisms, Funerals


If you are thinking of getting married at St. Paul’s please get in touch as we are keen to help couples prepare for their lives together. As a venue, St.Paul’s should be visited to appreciate the modern open design. The building seats up to 250, with 10 curved rows of chairs. An organist can be provided. buy provigil in uk Our Hall is available for hire for receptions or celebrations etc.  For more information please contact the Tsuen Wan church office 01202 605311


Anne welcomes a newly baptised member

Will you christen our baby?’ It’s a question we are often asked at St. Paul’s Church and it’s a question we love to hear because it means you are thinking about putting God at the centre of your child’s life.

We give families a choice of two different kinds of service. One is a baptism service in which the parents & godparents make some big promises to God about their own commitment to follow Jesus. We also offer a Thanksgiving Service. A Thanksgiving Service is an opportunity say a big public ‘thank you’ to God and pray for his blessing upon your child. It is a lovely service and it’s ideal for parents who want to involve God in their child’s life but are not yet ready to make the baptism promises.

If you are thinking about having a baptism or Thanksgiving Service we would love to help you. We ask families to come along to a few of our 9:30am Sunday Services first as this will give you the opportunity to meet the church family in a friendly atmosphere and to see what we’re all about. Once you have been to a few services Matt (our Vicar) will arrange to meet up with you to talk about what Christians believe, what baptism means, to answer your questions and to discuss what happens next.  Many find this is a great opportunity to discover more about God and the Christian faith – perhaps you will too? If you would like to receive our letter about how the process works please call or email the church office (01202 605311, Office).

Adult Baptisms: If you are thinking about being baptised yourself we will be delighted to talk about that with you.  Please come along on a Sunday and talk to Matt.


We all find the death of a loved one difficult. St. Paul’s offers a comforting, intimate setting for the celebration of a loved one’s life.

An annual Service for the Bereaved in the Autumn helps to remember and give thanks for loved ones who have died.  The Book of Remembrance is available and those listed are prayed for on the anniversary of their passing.

Donations (small or large) in memory of loved ones are welcome. These help the church to remain available for all, through the years.

For more information please contact the church office. 01202 605311