Church Missionary Society

Adrian and RuthAdrian and Ruth Whitehall are our CMS ( Church Missionary Society) partners who are working in Morogoro, Tanzania..

We have received this message from Adrian and Ruth


The Principal of Morogoro College has secured accommodation for us just opposite the College.  We were not sure about staying in what is a small unfurnished apartment but we decided that it is the best option for the moment being near the College and it feels very secure.   We have spent the last two week buying things such as a fridge and furniture.  It is now looking more like home.

Ruth has been given three jobs! She will be re-organizing the library, teaching Psychology and also English.  I am teaching systematic theology; the theme for this term is eschatology. There are 12 students on the Diploma Course which is taught in English.

Our other role is to look after the English speaking congregation which meets in Emmanuel Church which is a small building built in the 1930’s by a former British district commissioner.  The congregation varies in number week by week.  The last two Sundays there have been over 20 gathered plus half a dozen children.  They are mostly Tanzanian but several Germans, a couple of Americans and three Koreans.

It is the rainy season at the moment and we are finding it difficult to adapt to.  The pattern is heavy showers by spells of hot sunshine making it very humid.

We have met a number of Americans who work for Pioneer Bible Translator who are translating the Scriptures into local tribal languages.  They meet together every Sunday evening for prayer and we have found them very supportive.  We would ask for you to pray that we shall meet some new friends in whom we can confide; it seems quite isolated here at the moment outside college hours.  We also ask that the congregation develops in terms of commitment and sharing of gifts.  There are no wardens or PCC (it means we can do what I like!) apart from an American lady who acts as treasurer.  It would be good to have a nucleus of people to share and pray with in the church.

Internet access has been more difficult than we thought;  most of the time it is very slow which is frustrating and we have been unable to Skype friends and relatives.  Again your prayers would be very much appreciated.

We have discovered there is a new hotel just down the road which does reasonably priced meals and has a swimming pool.  It is in a picturesque setting and is a great place to escape to when we need a break from the challenges of African life.

With our love and thanks for your support,