CDs of Jim’s Music

Encouraged by requests from parishioners for a CD of music played on St Paul’s wonderful organ, Jim Green initially compiled two CDs with 46 of his favourite pieces for piano, organ and choir, recorded over 4 decades. Now he has produce two more CD’s with the help of Rose Fisher and Natalie Williams.  The total collection ranges widely within the realm of “easy listening” – from Bach’s lively Trio Sonata to Sousa’s stirring “Liberty Bell” through Annie’s Song, Elvira Madigan, Downton Abbey, Jenkin’s Benedictus and many other modern and classic favourites. The four CDs provide 94 short pieces lasting nearly five hours! The entire proceeds from sales of the CDs will be directed to improving the sound in St Paul’s. The CDs are on sale for a suggested donation of £8. They will be available at church services and events, or can be ordered by email. If you don’t have a CD player or would prefer to download the recordings in MP3 format, send an email requesting a link. Details of the CD tracks are shown below: