Lockdown 2 update

Dear Church family,

You are probably aware that England is about to go into another lockdown, with strict new measures due to come into force from Thursday 5th of November. Sadly, the new rules will impact us at St Paul’s.

The rules state that Places of Worship must remain closed, with very few exemptions. For example, they may be used for funerals, to broadcast acts of worship, for individual prayer and for formal childcare (this means the pre-school using the church hall can continue to do so). This sadly means groups using the Church must stop doing so, and people aught not enter the building until further notice (starting Thursday 5th November). The Government have said that the new lockdown will end on 2 December but we cannot assume that it will, and we should all wait for the Vicar, Warden, and PCC to approve the reopening of the church.

Thankfully, the rules and the recently installed livestreaming equipment, should allow us to livestream services on Sundays at 10am. I say should because we are still waiting for the Church of England to update its own guidelines. Either way, we will endeavour to make sure that there is always a service to watch on our YouTube channel.

On Sunday 1st November the Revd. Reg Baldock reminded us that ‘Christ reigns so everything is going to be OK’. It is a wonderful truth so let’s cling to it over the coming weeks and months.

May God bless all of us,