Cream Tea Concert

St Paul’s Church musicians and friends will present a Cream Tea concert at 3 pm on Sunday 17th November, including selected items from the 4 CDs produced by Jim Green to raise funds for the Sound Project.

We have so far raised £2,500 towards our eventual target of £15,000 needed for the Sound Project, which will:

  • replace some old and unreliable equipment.
  • instal new equipment for better quality and more even sound distribution
  • instal sound absorbing panels to reduce the echo generated mainly by the circular back wall.

Highlights from the CDs include:

CD 1 (Blue): Organ pieces – Nimrod, Lost Chord, Jenkins Benedictus, Bach’s Toccata. Piano favourites – Clair de Lune, Downton Abbey theme……

CD 2 (Red): Pachelbel Canon, Joplin Entertainer, Moonlight Sonata, Albinoni Adagio…..

CD 3: (Yellow): Annie’s Song, Michelle, Barber Adagio, Liberty Bell, Music of the night, “Dr Zhivago” theme, “The Mission” theme, “Rosemary”, Cavatina……

CD 4 (Green): Air on the G string, Cantique de Jean Racine, Handel’s Largo, Amazing Grace, “Elvira Madigan” theme…….

Click here for the poster.

Click here for much more detail about the CDs and the Sound Project.